Thank you for your time

Many thanks for registering your thoughts about having evening delivery slots on Wednesdays and Fridays. As Covid-19 is still a major impact on all our daily lives the ability for us to be flexible on deliveries especially as more and more people are slowly returning to work is important to us.

I know that we have extremely loyal customers, some just having started to order from us, but many that have been with us since week one. Thank you for allowing us to provide our quality products during a particularly anxious period. I will endeavour to continue to provide our customers with the same quality, same freshness and same deliveries that everyone now expects from us.

Thank you also for giving me your your thoughts on our products, deliveries, services and especially any recomendations you may have to help improve it.

Please accept a FREE KITKAT bar as a thank you for taking time to help us improve our service. Just mention the KitKat in the comments section next time you order. (Only 1 per completed survey).

Many Regards